BBC’s Motherland is all about the Mother’s

The Preschool just rang me to tell me my 3 year old had just done a poo and some poo was still on his scrotum. Apparently, they are not allowed to touch his scrotum. Am I okay that he will have poo on his scrotum for an hour until I am there to pick him up? We all like comedy that reflects our daily life, and Motherland reflects mine.

The ‘pilot’ episode begins with the main character Julia (Anna Maxwell Martin) stuck in the middle of some temporary traffic lights as she drives her children to school. For me each morning I drive past all the traffic going into the school two minutes walk from my house (my children couldn’t get a place at that school) and drive the ten minute drive to my childrens school. My 3 year old likes “noisy music” and shouts at me unless I put it on. So the blaring soundtrack for our morning school run dash is The Prodigy. In Motherland you see the main character get frustrated with her children playing with a ‘bop it’ as she’s trying to drive. On a hilarious side note (nothing to do with Motherland but funny anecdote… kids are funny) one day ‘The White Stripes’ had been playing on the radio and my son then went around humming the tune for a few days… I realised he sounded like some kind of tiny Labour supporter as it was like he was humming “Oh Jeremy Corbyn!”… well they do say Jeremy Corbyn has youth on his side!

Thankfully, unlike the main character in Motherland I haven’t yet mistakenly taken my children to school during half term (although I did once think it was a teacher training day when it wasn’t). The main character is quite unlikable. She clearly does struggle to cope and as the series goes on you understand why her mother insists on no longer helping with childcare. All of the situations she gets herself in are just attempts for her to solve her childcare problems. During each episode you see her husband is at a football match or paintballing on an away day or something, in other words, he is not present. When he say’s to her “why don’t you just get a nanny?” she replies “I want them to be raised as I was, by my Mother” she doesn’t mean herself, she means literally her mother!  I can identify with how the other Mum’s all know each other and you can feel like an outsider. My children have attended four different preschools and three different primary schools due to us moving around so much and each time there has been a different dynamic with the parents and it is difficult to get to know other Mum’s when you child moves to a new school. I like the different characters in Motherland. I like the no nonsense single Mum whom all the other Mum’s avoid as they think she’s going to steal their husbands, I like how practical she is (throwing a pound coin into a room as a party game). The bitchy Mum who has a little gang of other Mum’s following her around, the stay at home Dad. All in all if you are a parent you will most likely identify with this comedy. Unlike ‘outnumbered’ which focuses on the funny things kids say, this is all about the adults and the notion that women can ‘have it all’ this clearly shows that what most of us women know already, you cannot. I hope they make another series.

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