Black Lake induces the black

Okay so last year BBC4 showed Icelandic drama Trapped. Trapped was a compelling detective few part series where the main character looked like Hagrid from Harry Potter and it took place in a tiny snowcovered Icelandic village. It followed the formula for these detective dramas where there is stunning scenery, usually subtitles and a main character (usually female) wearing a woolly jumper brandashing a gun (think The Killing etc).

Black Lake ticked some of the Scandanavian detective drama boxes so I thought I would give it a watch. Also it was advertised with Bjork’s haunting song also titled Black Lake  and being a huge Bjork fan I thought I was on to a winner.

Set at a ski resort in the middle of nowhere in Sweden there was great scenery (although to be honest I would have preferred a few more scenic shots), there were also woolly jumpers. The ski resort obviously had some kind of spooky history and a group of friends all descend on it in the hope of buying it and turning it into a profit making business. So the idea and set up was good. However this was no drama… this was a horror. I don’t usually do well with horror and usually avoid these types of things. The worst moment was the classic horror trick of a slow motion shot zooming in at an angle to the spooky cellar door with the scary eerie music then just at that moment all the power in my house went out!!! I was literally freaking out!!! Of all the time to have a power cut! The timing couldn’t have been worse. I think my freaking out did amuse my husband somewhat though. I also made more of the power cut situation that I would have during normal circumstances as my imagination ran away with me. I also realised I should have a torch in the house for such occasions and I was glad I had charged my phone, although for a while I had no signal on that too, lighting candles to stick around the house just made the atmosphere in my dark home even more spooky. It wasn’t just our house that was affected but about a thousand homes lost power that evening and the street lights were even out also, so it was very dark and eerie. Who has a power cut in this day and age? It was very strange and the timing was hilariously perfect. When after about an hour the power did come back on I couldn’t help but watch the rest and I did find myself wanting to watch the other episodes, but it did make me unable to sleep for a few nights! Basically spoiler alert… everyone dies. If I had known this was to be a classic horror film I wouldn’t have watched it.

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