Stranger Things

I wasn’t sure about this to start with. When I read there was a missing child that put me off watching it to begin with. I have young children and the thought of anything happening to them is unbearable. However… when we did finally watch this we thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a child of the 80’s, this reeks of 80’s nostalgia. The gang of cute geeky outcast kids riding their BMX bikes and communicating with their walkie talkies. Some scenes look like they are taken straight out of Stephen Speilburg’s ET. The good old days when you played outside riding you bike and your parents had no idea where you were, that basically was my childhood. It is as if the creators of Stranger Things have some kind of 80’s nostalgia checklist and they have put everything in it. That is what makes this so brilliant and watchable. Yes, it is scary, but there is just enough light relief that it doesn’t give you nightmares.

Recently decorating my daughters bedroom we had sanded down most of the room and patched up the wall which had previously been painted a dark blue. The window was open to let the polyfiller dry. I walked into the cold, dark and dusty room and thought “this is like the upside down?”. Such a good name for the Stranger Things parallel universe. I love how much of the supernatural in Stranger Things is explained by their school science teacher. Such great characters and each have their own interesting story.

When the second series came out my husband and I binge watched it. I think we watched the whole series in two evenings. We even used the extra hour we got as the clocks changed to watch another episode. We enjoyed it so much we didn’t even skip the opening music. Thankfully the second series was not a disappointment. The pairing of different characters made it interesting and they introduced some new characters and set some new themes that can be explored in another series. After it was all done my husband was like, “do you want to watch series one again?”. Now that is a great indicator of good television. It was great watching it in the run up to halloween.

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