BBC’s ‘Little Women’ adaptation ends 2017 as we enter 2018 ‘the year of the woman’

The best time of year for watching TV is Christmas. It is the only time of year I buy a Radio Times so I can best choose what will be on. I flicked through my Radio Times and picked out Little Women as one to watch this year and I was not disappointed.

I admit I have never read the book, but I do recall seeing the adaptation that featured Winona Ryder. This adaptation was well cast. The most complex character, strong willed Jo, was played by Maya Hawke (Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke’s daughter) and she gives an excellent performance. Unlike the Winona Ryder film version the character of Amy being played by one actress didn’t seem strange, at the beginning she was able to seem like a little girl even though being similar size to her sisters, the actress Kathryn Newton had a baby face but mostly was able to portray her characters age just simply through great acting. Emily Watson was a strong matriarch for the family and also Michael Gambon as the wealthy neighbour Mr Laurence and Angela Lansbury as Aunt March provided great cameos.

I felt that the adaptation had a similar feel to Netflix’s ‘Anne with an E’ (Anne of Green Gables) especially with it’s title sequence, which has a modern folky feel to it, but was possibly the only thing I didn’t care for. This adaptation was full of heart and nostalgia. Some shots appear like a Christmas card, but there was a lot of substance. 2018 is to be ‘The Year of the ‘Woman’ and this old book seems to have a strong message of feminism as it portrays all these different sister’s. It is really a coming of age story and ‘growing up’ and I enjoyed the journey with this family of ‘little women’.

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