McMafia: series one episode two

Well… I didn’t have to wait long for episode two. I turned on the tv and there it was! This turned out to be a right globe trotting affair. Cairo, Prague, Mumbai, Moscow, Cayman Islands. I am sure many more locations will appear as the series goes on, we already visited Dubai and Tel Aviv in episode one. It’ll be funny if most is being filmed somewhere like Pinewood studios. Although aside from the diverse locations this series is more grit than glamour. The story opened up like the film Taken as we see a girl arrive in Cairo Airport following a scam job offer soon be snatched into human trafficking and by the end of the episode sold to Semiyon Kleiman. Following this girls experience is eye opening and uncomfortable to watch. The fictional Alex Godman has made the decision to take the investment from Semiyon Kleiman and so through doing so is showing us how big crime stretches across the globe like a multinational companies. Even if it is unbelievable how quickly Alex Godman has embraced this criminal world in the space of one episode James Norton gives a good performance and we are supposed to believe he is doing it to protect his family (and save his business).

So far this series is showing us a criminal underworld that is intriguing. It makes me want to read the McMafia book. Apparently the “dog show” scene was taken from the book. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction which makes me interested in reading the book and to keep on watching this series.  I’ll have to wait till Sunday now for episode three.

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