Hard Hitting Hard Sun

The end of the world is nigh! 5 years to be precise. Sometime during 2017 storm Orphelia whipped up some saharan sand creating a red sun. I remember posting a picture of the eerie dusty orangeness on Instagram like many others and some even said “it looks like the end of the world”… the funny thing is with the current political climate (Trump and Kim Jong Un comparing nuclear button sizes) a lot of us just shrugged at that suggestion and thought “yeah… it probably is”.

The drama begins with former model Agyness Deyn being attacked by what turns out to be her mentally ill son (whom she must have had in her early teens). Her character is detective Elaine Renko. She has swapped the catwalk for the screen as a knuckle dusting, butt kicking detective who has been paired up with Detective Charlie Hicks (Jim Sturgess). She is secretly investigating Charlie for the murder of his former police partner. Charlie has issues of his own (as well as apparently murdering his former partner) he appears a happy family man but is having an affair with his dead ex partners wife. So already this is a bit messy… and confusing… and that is even without the fact they stumble across a government secret that the world is ending in five years.

They come across a flash drivefrom a murdered hacker with information about an impending apocalypse and then find themselves being chased by a bunch of spooks in a brilliant scene where they are cornered on a quiet residential street. They smash car windows with their retractable police batons (a great self defence tool… where can I get one?), setting off car alarms and loudly telling the residents within the homes their names and to call the police (brilliant idea… will have to remember that one if I find myself in a similar situation). Elaine Renko manages to get the ‘end of the world’ flash drive to the media in order to save their lives… for now… they only have five years remember? It’s all quite depressing in an action packed gritty kind of way.

Then the detective work starts. Basically the mainstream media running the story that there is only five years until the end of the world has led to all the crazy murdering weirdos to come out of the woodwork. Crazy and far fetched? Yes. It is all a bit ‘Luther’, and that would be because it is by Luther creator Neil Cross. I recall a while back watching on bbc iplayer a “the story so far” 30 minute mash up of Luther and it was so bonkers that I then just had to binge on the box set. Watching Idis Elba is well worth all the nightmares you get from a good Luther binge. Neil Cross has actually dreamt up the concept from a David Bowie song Five Years. So great idea and very compelling. Agyness Deyn is believably tough and gives a great performace in her first lead role. I also was impressed with the cockney accent that Irish comedian Aisling Bea has mastered in her role as Charlie’s mistress. This series will pack a hard punch, especially with it’s knuckle duster wearing detectives. The tazer, retractable batons and knuckle dusters are a good advertisment as to why the British police don’t need to be armed. Perhaps the Americans should see this? Although it’s pretty spooky… and crazy… now the murdering weirdos are out… anarchy will begin… oh err.

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