BBC’s Requiem… nice fringe but not scary

I usually avoid horror and decided not to watch this initially but then I thought I’d give it a go. It was okay… but that is because it actually wasn’t that scary. The best thing about it for me was the main character Matilda’s fringe and also her wardrobe… I found myself wondering where I could buy her coat. So aside the fact that it wasn’t a very scary horror I did stick with it for all six episodes and did find it compelling initially.

It begins with an older gentleman walking into his manor house and upon seeing the cellar door wide open he then decides to smash all the mirrors and then throw himself off the roof. Odd behaviour indeed. What was in the cellar? I think I almost felt that way recently when I realised I had mice living in my garage.

Then we meet the main character Matilda who aside from a striking haircut is also an up and coming cellist. Her life is then turned upside down when her Mum seemingly possessed by some other worldly demon (referenced by the creepy sounds and whispering edited in) slits her throat in front of her in a multi storey car park. Matilda then finds a box conveniently left on her mothers bed containing news clippings about a girl who went missing 23 years ago in Wales called Cerys. Matilda and her friend Hal decide to travel to Wales to find answers.

I used to live in Wales (I actually moved there from London) and it does amuse me how they do this whole ‘girl from big town goes to small town’ thing. It doesn’t do much to encourage us cityfolk to do a staycation. Along with the mist filled rolling valleys and cute welsh villages any charm or quaintness is destroyed by a rude bar maid (oblivious to the fact Wales’s economy needs tourism). In reality a bar maid or shop keeper in Wales would in reality be incredibly welcoming and talk your ear off.

Requiem had the recipe for horror with all the unsettling noises and strange going’s on with sheep bothering and haunted houses but some of it was just a bit too ridiculous and not particularly origional. The biggest plot hole for me was how the whole time I am thinking… if you think you are the missing child Cerys then why doesn’t anyone suggest a flippin’ DNA test! The final episode was deeply unsatisfying and a bit bonkers. At the end of it all I wished I hadn’t bothered.

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