Keeping Faith / Un Bore Mercher

I watched this a while ago on the BBC iplayer. Apparently so did a record amount of other people. The BBC Wales drama which first aired on S4C had such an unexpected following from many outside of Wales that they decided to extend the availability on BBC iplayer and now it is being shown on BBC 1.

The drama is unique because it was filmed in both Welsh and English. It stars Eve Myles from Torchwood and Broadchurch as Faith Howells. Faith is a solicitor on maternity leave whom seems to have a normal life with her family in Wales. Her husband and Faith are both solicitors running a family practice and her life is turned upside down when her husband disappears. Faith is forced to return to work to cover for him and uncover the truth about his disappearance, of which suspicion also falls on her.

I first started watching this out of curiosity and it sucked me in. I was origionally just looking out for areas in Wales I recognised (of which I saw many) but I found the main character incredibly likable, compelling and watchable. Eve Myles is a great actress. Apparently prior to doing this role she was tempted to give up acting altogether and thought about becoming a midwife! I’m glad she has continued with acting and this is a great role for her, although she admits that prior to doing this part she didn’t speak a word of Welsh! The actor playing her missing husband is also her husband is real life.

The mystery surrounding her husbands disappearance is really well done. In the many episodes lots happens and a lot of it unexpected. You see it all from Faith’s perpective so you are just in the dark as she is. This Welsh drama can compete with the many Scandi detective dramas out there. What is refreshing is that there isn’t any gruesome murders or missing children just a missing adult, so nothing is too uncomfortable with this mystery.

So many Mum’s just like me enjoyed this drama so much that they were even threads about it on Mumsnet… many wondering where they can pick up a yellow mac like the one that Faith rocks. I’ve seen many yellow mac’s in the shops since. I might pick one up myself!

A great drama. Glad to see a Welsh drama on BBC 1. I hope they do a second series and make more Welsh TV in both Welsh and English.


One thought on “Keeping Faith / Un Bore Mercher

  1. I’m so glad that BBC have done this heard great things 😍 they’ve also done it with Hidden in Welsh/English & currently now being aired on BBC4 on Saturday nights. Have been watching & it’s been brilliant 📺❤️💋


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