I enjoyed watching Bodyguard but I don’t know if it deserves all the hype. There were some elements of it that were brilliant entertainment and others that were a bit ludicrous. Also it sometimes took different directions between pure drama and then the steamy bit’s where the Home Secretary is unzipping her trousers, really weird if you imagine our current politicians.

The first episode was one of the brilliant ones. I help my breath for about 20 minutes. The last episode was also nerve wracking as it was a similar suicide vest scenario but this did verge on the ludicrious part of the scale. If someone had a suicide vest on then I doubt the police would antagonise them further. David Budd (played by Richard Madden) then walked through London for miles with the suicide vest on to go to his flat. After watching this I saw some a picture where the actor was enjoying a pint along the way and then another where he was doing a catwalk in his ‘suicide vest with a waterproof cape’. Very funny indeed.

I mostly watched this to see Keeley Hawes. I met her last summer briefly. When I say ‘met’ I mean I was there in the ladies when she came out of the cubicle and I said “hello” as she went to wash her hands. She replied with a brief “hello” but clearly didnt fancy a chat after doing her business.

Overall Bodyguard rated high on the entertainment scale. Despite the plot holes there was some really good drama and twist and turns you didn’t expect. Many thought Keeley Hawes’s character wasn’t really dead and there were times the story kept the audience guessing. Richard Madden did a good job playing the hero and I will look forward to a second series.

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