Killing Eve is a delight

Everyone is raving about Killing Eve, and rightly so. I binged on it in two nights while my husband was away. I liked it so much I am watching it again but with him this time. I didn’t even mind that the series doesn’t really conclude but seems to lead you straight into another series, which is great because it is so good you want more.

Killing Eve is dark but funny. Both the hero and villan (or Villanelle as she is called) are women, so it has a lovely feminist feel. Jodie Comer is absolutely brilliant (for me she was last seen on the BBC as ‘the other woman’ in Doctor Foster and in the series Thirteen). She gives such a good performance I am sure Hollywood will come knocking. It has exotic locations, spy’s, conspiracys, a variety of assassination techniques and for some reason it felt a bit like a feminist Bond type thing. The cat and mouse element is like a grown up Tom and Jerry cartoon. I loved it.

I cannot recommend this highly enough and I can’t wait for series two. I might even watch Fleabag now… as apparently Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge (now, there is a posh name) is behind the funny wit I enjoyed so much.

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