‘The Cry’ evokes unpleasant emotion

For some insane reason I decided to start watching BBC 1 drama The Cry even though I knew it probably wasn’t something I would enjoy. I didn’t enjoy it. It was just episode 1 of the series and I hated how you sensed something awful was looming. I hate anything that involves children or babies being harmed or hurt as I have children myself. Obviously anything that makes you imagine any harm coming to your own child is unbearable to watch.

I also found the format quite annoying. It skipped between the future and past giving you snippets of what was to come and what had happened which I just found a bit confusing. I like Jenna Coleman as an actress but she looked a bit too perfect as a new Mum and not as ‘frazzled’ as she should do (or at least as I did). Looking back now at when I had my first child I think I was in shock about the whole thing for months. As he was premature I had no preparation for childbirth and I felt so awful afterwards I recall the five days in hospital I didn’t even clean my teeth (and I am the type of person who can’t go to sleep unless I have completely removed my make up and flossed). Like the character, I too didn’t get hardly any sleep (I remember celebrating when I got four consequtive hours, it was a landmark).  My son then had an operation at eight weeks old and so that seemed to prolong the exhaustion and sleepless nights. I never suffered any post natal depression, thank goodness, but the whole thing was pretty awful. Would I have gotten onto a plane with a 9 week old baby to Australia? Never. I was offered a free trip to the Seychelles a year ago but would have to take my daughter with me who would have been about 8 months. I turned the trip down because a flight with a baby and a lay over in Addis Ababa sounded like too much of an ordeal.

One thing about The Cry is that even though I didn’t enjoy it, I wanted to know what happens. I found myself googling the book and looking for spoilers just so I could find out what happens. From what I found… it doesn’t end well. I can see how people found the book such a page turner. It seems it will focus on how the media portray Jenna Coleman’s character Joanna. Any child abduction cases are always big discussions on social media (like Madeline McCann’s) and how behind the headlines and internet trolls here are real people living in the trauma of such events. I think this is quite interesting, but as a Mum I just can’t stomach such a drama.

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