My husband told me what this was about a couple of weeks before it was released and I said “but there is a film about that”, and yes, it turns out this is the exact same story of the film “All The Money In The World”. The film version was mostly known as the one they had to reshoot as accusations against Kevin Spacey following the #metoo movement were all coming out. I haven’t seen the film but I prefer the idea of Christopher Plummer playing the role as opposed to Kevin Spacey in prosphetics. Donald Sutherland was great in this.

I really enjoyed bingeing on this series. I think a series does this story better than a film would. There was a huge star cast with Hilary Swank playing the boys mother and it was great seeing Brendan Fraser in a role now that he has aged and is unable to play the ‘handsome hero’, he is a great actor, I hope we see more of him.

The story of the kidnapping of  the grandson of the worlds richest man and how he wouldn’t pay the ransom is a really interesting story and the fact it is a true story made this so compelling. I had to fight the urge not to google anything until I had finished watching it, but, like when watching Narcos, you find a lot of the outrageous things are usually the true bits. I found it very sad also seeing what happened to these people after the events of the series and where they ended up.

A really good binge watch. Really well done and very entertaining.

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