Netflix’s Annihilation

So… my husband showed me the trailer and I didn’t fancy watching this as it looked a bit scary and weird… so he went and watched it at a friends house. He enjoyed it so much that he couldn’t wait for me to watch it as it is a thinker… and he wanted to discuss it with me.

Apparently the film maker was worried that some elements of this film may be too intelligent for the average movie-goer… how rude! It is refreshing to not be patronised as a viewer for a change. I think there is a lot of more interesting variety and intelligent things to watch on our screens these days and I welcome all of it.

As for this film, I didn’t fancy it initially because it looked scary and I am not a huge fan of sci fi. However… as my husband rightly thought, it is a thinker and after just watching it I needed to put down my thoughts.

You really have to concentrate on this and not miss anything. Natalie Portman’s character Lena is an academic biologist and a former soldier, her husband has been been missing for a year presumed dead. He mysteriously reappears. He suddenly becomes gravely ill and both he and Lena are taken to a top secret area where she learns what type of mission he was on. Lena learns that a meteor hit a lighthouse and since then an area they call “the shimmer” that surrounds where the meteor hit people have gone into and none have come out… that is until her husband reappeared. The area known as “the shimmer” is growing. So instead of sending in soldiers as they have done previously, they are about to send in a group of academics, whom all happen to be female (this is The Year of The Woman after all).

So Lena and gang go into The Shimmer which resembles a lush jungle with a tinge of fairy liquid where there are mutated animals and plants. It looks beautiful but is eerie and deadly. This film reminded me somewhat of Alien, where there is a strong female lead (Sigourney Weaver) going into the unknown although instead of aliens the alien is everything, the cells, the dna of everything is mutated and alien.

This is a film that creates more questions than it does answers and allows the viewer to make up their own thoughts and conclusions. Some of the film appears unlike any other film and the scenes inside the black cave resembles a Bjork video, being a Bjork fan I really enjoyed seeing something so creative and origional, I was almost expecting Bjork or her music to appear. I also loved the scene of Natalie Portman and her double, it was unusual and captivating.

So some of it was unnerving to me, which is intentional but on the whole it is not a horror, it is origional and already my husband and I have discussed several theories and thoughts of what we just saw. Looking online there are already fan theories, which means it has got everyone talking.