The second half of the Brits 2018

Okay so obviously I don’t just watch box sets. I do watch ‘other’ stuff… but don’t blog about it all (a Newsnight or Question Time blog would be pretty boring and depressing). However I caught the end of the Brits last night and thought I would put my opinions out there.

I turned on the tv just as posh comedian Jack Whitehall introduced Kendrick Lamar. What happened next was rather odd. There was a rapper on top of a clear box that contained a car. Then there was an intro… and then nothing… just Kendrick Lamar still… is he asleep? The camera shot changed… intro again… Kendrick still… it became apparent that something had gone wrong. There is nothing as entertaining as a live show gone wrong to get one’s attention. When it did get going a quote flashed up saying something like “this is satire” or something… and I thought it is definately something beginning with “s”. Most of the performance was muted by ITV and they smashed up the lamborghini… I mean most of the millenials watching this will struggle to afford a deposit for a house… looks a bit wasteful but whatever takes his fancy… although it was mostly just windscreen damage… an advert for Autoglass? I do love a bit of gone wrong live tv though. Remember Madonna’s cape? Jarvis Cocker mooning Michael Jackson?

Jack Whitehall was an entertaining host poking fun at the whole thing. Rita Ora’s stylist stuck her and her dancers in some white overalls making them look like forensic scientists. Then when she dueted with Liam Payne she had whipped off the overalls to reveal smalls that looked like my Gran’s underwear. She maintained a safe distance from him as Cheryl (whatever her name is now) was in the crowd.

Stormzy by name, Stormzy by nature, ended the show singing in the rain with a balaclava clad gospel choir behind him (I didn’t know the IRA had a gospel choir?). His album Gang Sign’s and Prayer sounds like an oxymoron but he was a great end to the show. His rap asked Prime Minister Theresa May for the money for the Grenfell Tower victims and he also took a swipe at the Daily Mail. His performance was energetic and he showed how he has made a Grime album the number one album in the UK.

All very entertaining to watch but I do feel a bit old watching it and being like, “who is that?”. I keep thinking Kendrick Lamar is related to a Kardashian for some reason? Maybe because his first name begins with a K. I can’t say I’ll buy any of his music… now that I haven’t heard it being performed on the Brits.

I saw a little of the after party program. These are always a bit boring to watch. You are always thinking… show us the real after party. It would be fun to watch some drunk celebrity shenanigans. As entertaining as car crash award ceremonies.