Game of Thrones Series 1-7

Okay so I am quite late in getting into Game of Thrones (mostly because I don’t have Sky TV), but with the winter nights being so dark and long and being struck down with flu my husband and I decided to make the most of it by cuddling up on the sofa (on a seemingly appropriate fur throw) and had these past few weeks the binge of all binges. Each evening once the kids were asleep we would immerse ourselves in the world of Westoros and Essos. The Game of Thrones world is now so familiar to me as a fictional world it could be Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

I read once a while ago that Game of Thrones was like modern Shakespeare. The emergence of television series overtaking film for entertainment is that with these long television series you have the chance to spend more time telling a story. Great complex characters can exist as opposed to someone being either the villain or the hero. In Game of Thrones there are plenty of complex characters (excellently acted) and a vast world to explore. Based on the ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ novels by George R R Martin it is a medieval fantasy epic.

We finished the final episode of series 7 last night and I am sad that I now have to wait a full year to see the final series. Also there being only seven episodes in series 7 was slightly disappointing. One particular episode ‘Beyond the Wall’ where Jon Snow & co went on a mission to get a wight had a number of plot holes and seemed to move the story along rather quickly whereas more episodes and a less ridiculous timings in the plot may have been better, but with each episode costing literally millions I can understand why they decided to condense it, especially as the story comes to a climax filming wars etc is costly and logistically more challenging. However, I am still a fan and seeing the white walker dragon destroy the wall at the end of the series was pretty amazing and terrifying. Apparently series 8 will only have 6 episodes, but I hear they may be feature length. I really cannot wait to be emersed in the Game of Thrones world to see how they conclude the series. I’m going to avoid looking up too much about it online as I don’t want to come across any leaks or spoilers. I look forward to relaxing on my fur throw in 2019 now that “winter is here”.